A faith-based, service-oriented community

educating children for this time and for eternity

Our Students Have the Winning Advantage

For over 136 years, Saint Luke Academy has served the children of this community offering innovative, progressive and award-winning education to inspire our students to success and service.


A legacy of learning 

Our rigorous program design emphasizing the Big Ideas moves students from  basic comprehension through application and analysis to evaluation, moving from knowledge in one discipline to knowledge across disciplines, connecting everything to the real world.

Affordable private education

Saint Luke's tuition schedule places it squarely in the most affordable range of private education in the Lakeview area.

Individualized Instruction

Our program encourages students to set high expectations and our teachers help them meet these goals with differentiated instruction.  Teachers actively plan for students' differences, dividing their time, resources and efforts to effectively teach students who have various backgrounds, readiness, skill levels and interests.

What an amazing school. As a parent of a 1st grader who has been at St. Luke since Pre-K4, I cannot be more pleased. The level he is at for core classes is impressive. He comes home happy, singing and just enjoying the entire school experience. He is safe, the environment is built for success. 


From what I've seen in the past few years, it has made great advancements in academics and environment alike- lots of construction and added technology going on! Students at Saint Luke are part of a tight-knit family and learn values that they'll carry with them for life. I'd recommend this school to all parents, students and teachers. 

Outstanding School. Kids are already reading and writing in the early part of first grade. The faith based education aspect seems to provide outstanding guides for the children in that their behavior, manners and interactions with others is excellent. Pricing is moderate and affordable.

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About Saint Luke Ministries

Saint Luke Ministries is a welcoming inclusive faith community in the Lutheran tradition embracing a vision of needs that, in our urban setting, we can uniquely serve.
Our five affiliates, Saint Luke Church, Saint Luke PreSchool, Saint Luke Academy, Saint Luke Housing Ministries and Saint Luke Cemetery, offer services to members of this community in every stage of life, providing nurturing educational and social experiences for the young, enriching community and cultural  programs, safe and affordable housing for seniors and a worthy memorial experience for families.
Since our founding in 1884, our programs have evolved to meet changing needs, but our mission has remained constant - to serve the people of this community in mind, body and spirit, for this time and for eternity. 

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